An upcmonibg event in Lahore "Sahir Lodhi Concert" on Jan17, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

There is a concert of Sahir Lodhi tomorrow. A concert,complimentry lunch and refreshments,gifts and fun! Bring your family and friends too.

About sahir Lodhi:
Sahir heart throb of millions of people. Glittering face of Pakistan has a fan frenzy appearance, He is successful but his success story is as same as any run-of-the-mill around. Once while interacting with young students at a school ceremony, he expressed, “I pray for you all that one day you become Sahir Lodhi or better…” Sahir always articulates common man’s language. Over his life, he has always believed in making so many people one people. His fans, not cynically or ironically but with fervent and zealous love, refer to him as a Super King.

He is doing 3 shows on different TV and Radio Channels.

1- The Sahir Lodhi Show (TSLS)TV One: The Sahir Lodhi Show (TSLS) stands among the biggest entertaining shows of Pakistan. It’s a late night show purely based on entertaining and hitting the moral and ethical cords of the society. It gives you a different perspective of life, accurate knowledge and opportunity to display your hidden talent. It has a life in it self which takes you on a roller coaster ride. You laugh, you cry but most importantly you think.

2- She’s on One with Sahir: She’s on One with Sahir is a morning transmission hosted by a versatile, live wire, intensely energetic talent Sahir Lodhi. The concept of the show is to enlighten every morning and bring women and their interest arousing stuff into public light. The show is utterly ground around women with addition of wit, humor, entertainment and information on current issues…

3- Sahir show: Sahir show offer life-changing advice as host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sahir Show, heard by nearly millions of people nationally and internationally.The 2-hour live radio talk show focuses on life, love, and relationships, and how they happen to revolve around you.

About the Concert:
After voting battle on internet b/w Karachi,Lahore,Multan and Faisalabad where to hold the event.Zinda Dillane Lahore won the battle and the fisrt concert of Sahir Lodhi is going to be held in Lahore.

Date : Jan 17, 2011 (Tomorrow)
Time : 11a.m-6p.m
Venue : Lahore (Place To be disclosed soon)

Fee : Its totally free

Free Pick and Drop Facility available at various points in Lahore.

Registration Process:
For registration contact
Syed Kashiful-Hasnain : 03336843319