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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shaping the world of

2050 with an

Entrepreneurial Impact

The World Entrepreneurship Forum is a global think-tank of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, experts and politicians, chosen for their entrepreneurial achievements and their commitment to society. As of 2010, 110 members of 55 countries are active in the World Entrepreneurship Forum
The think-tank aims at preparing a more entrepreneurial world, creating wealth and social justice through 4 key levers:
  • Creating Innovative and High-Growth Companies to create millions of jobs around the planet
  • Disseminating Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid to alleviate poverty and create new markets
  • Shaping Entrepreneurial Cities, being tomorrow’s centers for innovation
  • Implementing Entrepreneurial Education to disseminate entrepreneurial mindset, skills and competencies throughout society, on a lifelong basis
As a result of its works, the World Entrepreneurship Forum publishes an Annual White Paper, aimed at disseminating its findings and influencing the global agenda of entrepreneurship.The World Entrepreneurship Forum is active in 55 countries, through Regional Chapters, its members, and Junior World Entrepreneurship Forums, mobilizing hundreds university students around the world. Each year, through the “Entrepreneur for the World Award”, the World Entrepreneurship Forum recognizes outstanding international entrepreneurs for their entrepreneurial achievements and their commitment to society. It has been founded in 2008 by EMLYON Business School, France, KPMG France, joined in 2010 by Nanyang Technological University and Action Community for Entrepreneurship.
The Junior Forums
Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum is a junior chapter of The World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) based in Lyon, France. The Junior Forums are the students’ version of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, and bring together hundreds of students from different countries for events lasting four days. The aim of the Junior Forum is to empower the younger generation of students with entrepreneurial skills for the future. Currently they are 10 chapters of the junior league in the world, with Pakistan being one of the countries.
Last year’s Forums gave the students the chance to meet successful entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, academics and politicians, and work together to write their own White Papers on the main Forum’s four topics as will Pakistan do so this year. They then coordinated their findings with the other Junior Forums, and sent delegations to the main Forum to present their findings. 500 young people took part in events in China, India, Singapore, and France in summer 2010.
Pakistan Junior Forum will also nominate two students to go to Singapore this year to participate in the World Entrepreneurship Forum.
This year Pakistan is set to host its inaugural Junior Forum at Lahore, Pakistan in July and hopefully will participate in full range of activities.


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