IMPACT- a 36 hour Public Speaking Program for ages 14 - 24

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today’s youth faces multifaceted challenges. It is of paramount importance that they learn the dynamic art of effective communication to lead change and achieve their goals in life. IJ are program conducted during the summer at SoL’s training premises. They are designed for youth ages 14 – 24 desirous of learning public speaking

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The program is divided into two distinct areas:

Training: Participants undergo extensive coaching for over 36-hours on the basics of public speaks. At this stage, participants learn the technicalities associated with speaking in public and cultivate a positive mind set.
Implementation: Based on the fact that practice is a crucial element whilst developing a competence, participants meet thrice a week for 4-hours to apply their skills.

Areas of focus

1. Inculcate a winning attitude
2. Content development & effective delivery
3. Audience analysis
4. Cultivate technical skills
5. Formal Vs Informal presentations
6. Self motivated approach
7. Setting standards for continuous improvement


1. Self-Evaluation
2. Nurturing confidence
3. Learning the ropes – speech & presentation technicalities
4. Discovering a world of infinite capability
5. Implementation of learning

Duration: 36 hours (9 sessions of 4 hours each, on alternate days excluding Sundays)

July 4th - July 23th, 2011

Last date of Registration June 25th, 2011
You can get registered here :

or call: 021-35377251/ 021-35377252

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