Introductory Session of Nutshell at CIIT, Lahore

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I managed to arrange an introductory session Meetup at CIIT, Lahore on Friday Nov 26,2010. The meetup was held at 10 a.m at Seminar Hall Block A,CIIT Lahore.

Mr. Yousaf Jamshed Country Head HR nad Communication Manager, ABB(Pvt) Ltd. Pakistan was the guest speaker of this meetup session representing Nutshell forum and along with him was Mr. Asad-ul-Haq. We had a good session as 68 students along with the faculty members attended the session.

Following were the ethings which were discussed in the meetup.

1- Basic Information about Nutshell Forum.
2- About the upcoming Mega Event MESA Learning and OD Summit at PC Hotel, Lahore
3- Q/A session with the students.
4- Brochures were divided among the attendees.
5- Detailed information of the benefits to be acieved after attending this event.
6- Speciall offers for the Faculty Members(Academia) and the students.
7- A Meeting between the guests with Mr. Abdul Haq (Head of Department Management Science) and some faculty members of CIIT Lahore was held.

It was Alhamdulillah a good meetup. Students cleared their concepts about this upcoming Mega Event. FAculty also showed good interest for this event. Mr. Yousaf Jamshed said, "There is no doubt a great experience of atteding such sort of Seminars, Conferences or Meetup Summits  because you communicate with the professionals, get experience of professional environment and exposure makes a lot of difference".

Any student or Faculty member from CIIT, Lahore interested to Register for the event should contact me.

Syed Kashif-ul-Hasnain
Student MBA-Marketing CIIT,Lahore
Moderator Advertising, CIIT,Lahore
Event Organiser at CIIT,Lahore
Ambassador EYF at CIIT,Lahore
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