Review of Meetup with Kamran Rizvi

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meetup with Kamran Rizvi (Kambha), Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore, Avivons, Syed Kashif ul Hasnain

After a Mega event of Entrepreneurial Conference "Tiecon 2010" at Royal Palm on October 30, 2010, A meetup with Kamran Rizvi was arranged by a very talented guy Mr. Iftikhaar Hussain at Royal Palam Golf and Country Club, Lahore on October4, 2010. We were 3 friends from CIIT,Lahore.The timing was 2.30-5pm. We reached at 2.20pm.. The environment was great. All the sitting arrangement was properly organised. Good registration process confirmation at the entry. After the entry we had warm welcome from the organizer of the event. Before the meetup time started we had a nice networking before the session. As the formal time began all the participants were seated properly.

Business Ideas Competition:
In a very short time we were given a task of preparing a business plan just in 10-15 mins. For this purpose all the students were selected randomly to form a team. A team was formed with all the students who didn't know eachother. A team of 4-6 members was formed and total of 5 teams were formed. so, we had a great time of brainstorming with those who were having total different mindsets. 

Syed Kashif ul Hasnain
Amna Tariq

After just 15 mins we were asked to present that business plan with helping material(A chart  containing name of business, the logo and the message)..So, it was too much difficult as we had to discuss, dicide a plan and then make a chart and display all the idea on it and present it in front of all. The most interesting thing in this activity was that the judge will call the presenter of his own choice. So, this made it more interesting as every team member was trying to have a full grip on idea. Some of the ides were
1-Business Hospital
3- Success Institute
4-Unleashing Potential


Business Plan Competition, Business Plan Presentation

Syed Kashif ul Hasnain, Business Plan Competition, Presentation preperation

After presentation everybody was admired of having good ideas and good presentation because it were all created in just 10-15 mins with unkown team members.And we learned how to interact with like minded as well as different minded people, About the conflicts and how to manage conflicts with unlike minded people(Conflict Management).

Speakers Discussions:
There were 3 speakers including the main body Kamran Rizvi and two other speakers Dr. Amjad and Professor Naeem Abidi

1-Kamran Rizvi Talk:
                        Kamran Rizvi started the talk with 3 main points of making an organization successful
                        i-   Profitalbility: How your work increase any organization profitability
                        ii-  Growth: How there would be growth in that organization with your decission
                        iii- Sustainability: How sustainalbility of any organization increases with your help.
To be successful as there is no shortcut to success so there is need of thorough study. He said," If you want something from any firm, study that organization,research and get what you can do to make that organisation better. You do research, meet employee of that organization to know more about that organization, and after doing such home work then you are capable to go for meeting with the executives which will give positive results.
He added, "If you can't give any tangible thing then you don't need to waste your time as well as others time".
Meetup with Kamran Rizvi

2- Professor Naeem abidi:
                        He talked about personal development. How a person can develop himself to be successful.He added a quotation
"Tum ne Chaha hi nahi Chahnay walo ki tarah( You didn't love me as a lover)" so how it is possible that you can achieve a thing which you never loved. To achieve a thing you need to lose one.As if a man is thirsty he tries to get water.So, without the feelings and passion nobody can be succesful.Naeem sahb has run lots of zero business investment projects in pakistan and specially in Multan city where there almost no support to such persons.Some of his running projects are
1- A training Company
2- A psychological Institute
3-A security company

A very informative thing is that he made a website which is given below. In this website he has uploaded several youtube videos of different scholars of different foreign universities which are paid lectures. But you can access them for free just after registration on the floowing website

Meetup with Kamran Rizvi, Syed Kashif ul Hasnain at Meetup with Kamran Rizvi

3- Dr Amjad:
            Dr. Amjabd is from Akhuwat which is first investment organization in pakistan which provide interest free loans. His idea was to diminish poverty. He said its only brotherood that can completly diminsh poverty in Pakistan. If top 50% people support lower 50% people there will be no poverty.He started the organization with first interest free loan of Rs.10,000 and now the total number of loans of Akhuwat reached to Rs.1 billion.He shared the website of Akhuwat with following address
Meetup with Kamran Rizvi

After this a session of Q&A started. kamran rizvi gave an example of P&G of how they started there business. He told that P&G started there business with candle and soap because there was need of that time.So providing solution to a problem will led your business towards success. He added,if you start the business of soap and candle even todayyou can earn a lot because of current Pakistan's loadshedding problems and hiegene problems.
He gave the final advice

            1- Don't work with people you don't trust.
            2- Work there where there are trustd people.
            3- If you don't find such place create it.

            B- Secret to change is that if you work good talent will follow you and the most important asset today for any firm is the Human Resource

            C- You should be clear about you vission and passion .

In the end, it was a great session and i learned a lot. Thanks to the organizers and the speakers.Special thanks to Itfikhaar Hussain on arranging such a great informative event and to Kamran Rizvi for giving time from your very busy life. Had a group photo at the end. 

Meetup with Kamran Rizvi group photo, Meetup with Kamran Rizvi at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore, Kamran Rizvi Navitus Global