Press Release of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL (27-28 November, 2010)

Friday, December 10, 2010
KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 has been successfully launched via its first in series of events i.e. 2-Days Inaugurating Training Workshops on "Media Expertise in Advertising" dated 27-28 November, 2010 at Royal Rodale Club, DHA, Karachi along with Fatima Surriya Bajiya, Jehan Ara Hai, Dr. Nadira Jawaid, Jamil Syed, Moen Qureshi, Neil Christy, Imran Ashraf and Irfan Iftikhar from India. Media Partners of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 are Dawn News TV, Radio One FM 91 and 24 World Online. The Strategic Partner of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 is "PAPC - Pakistan Advertising Practitioners Club" (The Sole Event Partner of ABBY INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING AWARDS, INDIA).

Attendees of 2-Days Inaugurating Training Workshops on "Media Expertise in Advertising" in KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 are from City District City Government - CDGK, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Dawn Media Group, Radio One FM 91, 24 World Online, Prestige Advertising, Sundial Advertising, Imagine One, Epoche Creations, National Academy of Performing Arts - NAPA, Infinite Productions, Gallery 2000, Szabist, Awaz TV, Red Communications, Fecto Group of Companies, Pakistan Deaf Association (with interpretor), Hamdard University and Institute of Business Administration - IBA, Karachi. Apart of such corporate presentation, several freelance advertising producers, directors and creative personnels also made there presence.

Day One Highlights:

First Day of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL is started with One Hour Screening of "Pakistani Classic Television Commercials 70s-80s-90s). After Screening, Inaugurating Ceremony has been started.

KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 has been inaugurating by Jehan Ara Hai (VP Education, APWA) along with Dr. Nadira Jawaid (Chairperson, KamzKirz Media Marketing Group), Dr. Jawaid Aziz (Co-Chairman, KamzKirz Media Marketing Group), Kiran Jawaid (Marketing Director, KamzKirz Media Marketing Group), Kirishma Jawaid (Creative Director, KamzKirz Media Marketing Group) and Kamran Jawaid (Event Director, KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11).

Jehan Ara Hai and Dr. Nadira Jawaid has been enlightened the Traditional Chiragh (Lamp) on the Stage and Jehan Ara Hai declared "I Declared that KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 is OPEN". Dr. Jawaid Aziz has expressed the vision of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL i.e. To Coach, Encourage and Appreciate the Industry of ADVERTISING in Pakistan. He further said "KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL 2010-11 is comprises over the series of events in relation with it's vision. In coaching, we are conducting training workshops, In encouraging we will be bringing the event of "Brand Walk" in the month of January 2011 and In appreciating we will be bringing the "1st Global Innovative Advertising Awards" in the month of March 2011"

Afterward Jehan Ara Hai expressed that "It's quite appreciating act done by Kamran Jawaid (Event Director) for the orphanized industry of Advertising." She further said "I've been in the connection of Advertising Industry via On-Screen appearance in several TV Commercials in last 3 decades and I've observed a big change some positive and some negative in the creations of advertisement. Positive in terms of TVC's quality according to International Standards and negative in terms of Concepts and Idea. Our Old Classic Pakistani Advertisements with a jingles of Aye Khuda Meray Abu Salamat Raheen, Ama Tallu Mein Pakao and Bhol Na Jana Phir Papa still in our minds but what about any new jingle, is they have any strong persuasion in the mind of Ad Facer?". In addition she asked to support the platform of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL because KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL is the only strongest platform for Advertising Industry with exceptional and workable strategies.

After Inauguration, Mr. Jamil Syed (Former Executive Director, Pakistan Broadcast Association - PBA) has invited to deliver the Module One on "Introduction to Pakistani Advertising". He has discussed the different aspects of Ups and Downs in the Advertising Industry of Pakistani. He present the complete timeline of industry and the basics of advertising".

Then after Module One, Mr. Moin Qureshi (CEO, Creative Head Quarter - CHQ) arrived to deliver the Module Two on "Anatomy of Big Idea". He has discussed the different levels of Creativity and Concepts behind successful campaigns. He create a lively environment with his open criticism on bad and open appreciation on good campaigns in his own view.

Next Module i.e. Module Three delivered by Mr. Kamran Jawaid (Managing Director, KamzKirz Media Marketing Group & Event Director, Karachi Advertising Festival) on "Production Sequence behind a creation of TVC". He comprises the Production Sequence under the heads of Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production and Releasing. Under the Five Heads of Production Sequence he discussed the 24 Steps from Idea to Final Release. Kamran Jawaid also discussed the different aspects in differentiation between 3 hours Full Length Film and 30 Seconds Ad Film.

Module Four also delivered by the Mr. Kamran Jawaid on "Utilization of Animation Techniques". He made a clear picture of animation done behind successful projects of Tom & Jerry, Chicken Run, Spiderman, Matrix and Avatar and its utilization in Ad Films. He also discussed the Visual Effects in the Indian Media and It's Utilization.

After Module Four, Mr. Irfan Iftikhar (Director, SAARC Media - Mumbai-Karachi-Dhaka) invited and he made his presentation on Module Five i.e. "Cost Effective Ad Film Making in India". He discussed some of his mega projects in India including, Tata Indigo, Raymond, Faber and more. He also discussed his Ad Films in Pakistan. He faced a quite excite-full response by the workshop attendees. Workshop attendees made several queries including Indian costing, Mumbai FilmCity, Indian celebrities, Indian Advertising Gurus, Indian Production Houses and more.

Module Six on "Power of Jingle" also delivered by Mr. Irfan Iftikhar and he played several memorable jingles along with new creations. He also discussed that what are the different between Entertaining Music and An Ad Film Jingle. With the Module Six by Irfan Iftikhar, Day One of workshop has been over and Attendees ask to attend next day workshop. Day One started from 9:00 am sharp and it made its climax at 6:00 pm and duration for day two.

Day Two Highlights:

Day Two has been started with a screening of "History of International Advertising" has made. Screening comprises on 1 hour duration. Screening is about the evolution of Advertising in BC Era till NOW. After screening, Mr. Jamil Syed invited to deliver Module Seven.

Mr. Jamil Syed delivered Module Seven on "Media Planning and Strategies" with an active interactive discussion. This module is one of the most lengthy module because of its descriptive nature. Mr. Jamil Syed has been discussed each and every step and terms of Media Planning along with Channel Selections, Time Slots and When and Where Queries in Media Buying.

Module Eight has been presented by Mr. Neil Christy (CEO, Headlion Advertising) on "Good versus Bad Advertising". He made quite bold discussion on good and bad aspects of Pakistani and International Advertising. Mr. Neil Christy made an exclusive screenings of several known International Ad Films and his most successful Advertisement Campaigns. Mr. Neil Christy also enjoyed an active participation by the workshop attendees in the argument about Indian and Pakistani Culture and the Absence of Karachi Culture in the Four Provincial Culture of Pakistan. Mr. Neil Christy made the relevant logics behind the successful campaigns during the arguments.

After Module Eight, An Special Screening of "The Art of Persuasion in Pakistani Advertisements" has made with a duration of 30 minutes. Next Module has presented by Mr. Kamran Jawaid.

Mr. Kamran Jawaid made presentation on "Brand Propagation in TV & Films" as Module Nine in queue. This Module is perceived as a most entertaining module because during this module several videos has played from known films and PTV dramas to discussed that how and in what manner, Brands can be promoted in TV Shows and Feature Films. Kamran Jawaid also discussed the different aspects of Branded Entertainment and its share in Advertisement.

Final Module i.e. Module Ten on "Why Celebrity Endorsement ?" also delivered by Mr. Kamran Jawaid. Once Again like previous module, this module is also getting active attention of attendees. This module is about the selection and presenting of celebrity as Brand Ambassador, What sort of relations developed among Brand, Celebrity and the Prospects, who suppose to be Customer or Consumer. Here Kamran Jawaid also discussed the different aspects of hiring foreign faces especially from India for making promotions in Pakistan.

After Final Module, Fatima Surriya Bajiya and Dr. Nadira Jawaid has invited on stage for presenting Acknowledging Mementos to Speakers, Media Partners and Strategic Partner including Imran Ashraf (President, PAPC). After Mementos, Certificates has been distributed to all the attendees of the workshop. At the end of the Day Two, Fatima Surriya Bajiya expressed her views on KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL. She appreciate Kamran Jawaid (Event Director) for creating such platform for the Advertising Industry, which is never be adopted or presented by any one in last 50 years of media history of Pakistan. She expressed that she had confidence on Kamran Jawaid for bringing KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL on International platform because she knows Kamran Jawaid since his childhood and he has been in-habit to bring and implement the uniques ideas but in quite successful manner. She appreciate the youth, who made the uncountable contribution in the field of Advertising.

At the end, Mr. Kamran Jawaid, made thanks to all the participants and he quote the words "Miltay Hain Break Kay Baad in our next event of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL i.e. "Brand Walk" in January 2011".

Both Days Provided a Highly Corporate Hospitality for Guests and Attendees from Mumbai, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Both Days comprises on Hi-Teas, Buffet Lunch and Continues Presence of Tea, Coffee and Biscuits. The Dreamed Surrounds of Royal Rodale Club, Karachi made cozy all the guests in KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL.

KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL is a brand of "KamzKirz Media Marketing Group". Another Upcoming brands of KamzKirz Media Marketing Group under the category of KARACHI ADVERTISING FESTIVAL are "BRAND WALK 2011" and "1st GLOBAL INNOVATIVE ADVERTISING AWARDS 2011".