The Brandolution by IBA Marketing Club Karachi

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Marketing Club (IMC) is one of the largest and most well known student’s societies at IBA. It maintains a leading presence on Facebook, boasting nearly 23,000 followers. One of the main aims of the IMC is to develop ones expertise and foster a deep-seated correlation with marketing professionals from the business community to ensure a fully fledged marketing career. 
In a recent collaboration with KFC, IMC held its first successful interuniversity admaking competition, with over 500 participants, which was attended by various accomplished businesspersons from the corporate sector. IMC then presented another mega event, AIMS’11, which achieved similar accomplishments with over 100 registered teams from different universities.

After the outstanding success of AdWar’11 and AIMS’11, IBA now brings to you Brandolution’11. The principle objective promoted by Brandolution is to engage participants in a virtual simulation of the marketing world. The purpose of the competition is to offer an opportunity towards understanding the process behind establishing a brand. The one-week event will encourage contestants to unleash their creativity and partake in a series of thrilling activities where they must design a marketing plan while taking into account the challenges that will be thrown at them.

Brandolution is a virtual marketing challenge where teams will create a brand and strategize to keep it alive in the world of competitive scenarios. Participants will be required to make teams of THREE to FIVE people. The winning team will be awarded with PKR 50,000/-. The competition comprises of the following events:

Learn Virtually!

Six online tutorials will be held to enable students to gain understanding of the principle marketing concepts which will assist them during the course of the competition.

Marketing Plan

Each team will be required to develop a brand for a generic product assigned to them. Teams are expected to design a marketing plan focusing on its product features, branding, target market and competitors.

Digital Marketing Campaign (Virtual)

Teams will be required to initiate a creative digital marketing campaign through social mediums such as facebook. The purpose of the campaign would be directed towards how interactive followers are by engaging them with TVC’s, print ads and jingles.

Hypothetical Scenarios (Virtual)

Teams will then have to face a challenging scenario based on hypothetical situations and will be required to devise efficient solutions to the problem, reinforced by sound reasoning which must be stated in a two page write-up.

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