Auditions for 2011 Musical

Monday, June 13, 2011
Post CHICAGO & MAMMA MIA, Nida Butt is planning her third production. This one is an original Urdu musical.

LAST round of Auditions :

To set up an audition time, call 0336-2350775

We shall be shortlisting all cast by June.

Opening Night: 1st November.
Rehearsals commence: 15th August

2011 Musical coming up and it is in URDU so brush up your desi dialogue and come strut your stuff.

We are looking for ACTORS, SINGERS & DANCERS.

Audition process for Actors:
The Actor should prepare a monologue of his/her choice (urdu please!)
Prepare a scene that you and a friend can read together.( if your attending alone, supporting actors will be present to read with you)
The Actor will be required to read a few scenes from the script provided by the Auditors.

Audition process for Singers:

Choose any song of your liking. Try to choose a song that matches your voice, pitch and . Auditors may request you to sing certain songs.

Audition process for Dancers:
Please bring your choice of music with you. We shall have facilities to run iPods and CDs.

Worried that you cannot nail all three aspects - singing, dancing and acting?

If you can do any ONE - then you still may have a good chance. You don't need to be a whiz at all three, instead only one. We have roles that sing but don't dance, dance but don't sing, act but don't sing

Are you a triple threat ? Come show off !

Tip for Actors:
Auditions can be stressful, but the best way to beat the nerves is through PRACTICE !!! Remember: try to keep all auditions under 3 minutes.

Wanna know a secret? The best monologue you could ever choose for yourself is from the play or plays in which you have just recently performed. Hunh? Didn't think of that one, did you. If you happen to have been in a play or are currently in one, why not use a monologue from the character you are portraying? You've been working on it for weeks, performing in front of a live audience, use it! All the work has been done , just come and perform your bit for the auditors !!


For details, call Made for Stage:

Venue       : Karachi
Date         : March 19- June30
Facebook : MAD School - Music Art Dance

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