Google Pakistan invite Volunteer to MapUp Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

Monday, June 6, 2011

After a mapping party in Lahore at FAST in 2010, Google MapUp party season 2011 is coming. This year there are three MapUp parties being organized in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. These mapping parties basically serve the purpose of sharing and expanding knowledge & usabilities of digital cartography for public use at Google Map Maker platform by get-together of existing active mappers and new interested mappers from around the country & diaspora. Another fun purpose of these events are to collectively map an area chosen at the event by majority of attendees.

Google Maps, amongst commercial uses & benefits, have played a pivotal role in disaster rescue & relief activities in Pakistan. From Atta Abad lake [ ] to the last year's floods [ ], MapMaker contributions saved numerous lives and helped expedite &mobilize loads of relief efforts/goods.

You are invited to join other volunteer mappers and help continue the momentum. Learn how to use Google MapMaker to map your neighborhood, village or city. If you already map, then help others and meet with our supper mappers & advocates - Jabran Rafique, Faraz Ahmed & Omer Sheikh.

The mapping parties are arranged by Google Map Maker Community Team & Advocates along with local support partners such as Google Pakistan, CIO Pakistan and more to come along.

There is no restriction on attending the event but it is important to register in time to get the seat confirmed. For the facility of attendees these events have been arranged in three different locations to facilitate interested attendees.

Venue Details:
Islamabad      : FAST-NU, G-9/4 Islamabad, Pakistan
Date              : June 7, 2011
Time              : 3pm-6pm
Facebook      :  Google MapUp-Islamabad

Lahore          : Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), DHA Lahore, Pakistan
Date              : June 9, 2011
Time              : 3pm-6pm
Facebook      :  Google MapUp-Lahore

Karachi          : IBA, Karachi.  Details To be finalized
Date               : June 10, 2011
Time               : 3pm-6pm
Facebook       : MapUp- Karachi

Registration is mandatory and it must be done as soon as possible since limited seating availability.

Register for Islamabad event:

Registration for Lahore event:

For this year season, all mapping parties are named as MapUp events and all the social updates will be available through twitter hashtag #MapUp.

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