Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marriott, Islamabad :: September 22, 23, 24

The Art of Managing Downsizing & Retrenchment

Reorganization, Change Management, Business Strategy re-focus, Downsizing or Rightsizing are all common phenomena in today’s fast moving dynamic private as well as development sector organizations. These initiatives quite often involve retrenchment or severance of employer – employee relationship. It is neither a pleasant exercise to lay off people nor is it a random process. Good organizations undertake the process of employee separation in an organized, professional and humane way. It not only protects the organization legally and financially but also enhances its image as a people oriented entity, diminishes demotivation, fear and insecurity amongst the retained employees and attracts good professionals in the future.
This three days workshop is designed for those executives who are required to plan and implement separation and retrenchment through a professional process and best practices. The participants shall also learn to assist the retrenched employees in redefining their careers and cope with post-layoff uncertainty and depression.

Learning Contents:
• Defining Retrenchment
• Retrenchment Process
• Preparing a Retrenchment Plan
• Key Steps in Planning and Managing
• Post Retrenchment Process
• Alternative to Retrenchment
• Consultation Is Critical
• National and Legal Requirements
• Determining Selection Criteria
• Non-Discrimination
• Appeals and Grievances
• Severance Pay
• Beyond Compensation: Assisting Workers
• Addressing Impacts on Communities

Who should attend?
All the professionals involved in the process of layoff:
• HR Team
• Admin personnel
• Finance professionals

Resource Person:
Ali Jafari possesses vast and varied experience in the fields of management, academics and engineering. He was trained as a facilitator at Hewlett-Packard in USA and has been conducting trainings in Pakistan as well as internationally for the last twelve years. Academically he holds Master’s degrees in Management Sciences, Physics, Electronics Engineering and Post Graduation in Persian and English Literature from Pakistan, Iran, UK and USA. In his illustrious career he has served with some of the world class multinationals such as Hewlett-Packard (USA), Texas Instruments (USA), GEC-Marconi (UK) and Plessey Communication Systems (UK) in the UK, USA, Pakistan and Central Asian Republics. He has the unique experience of senior level management as well as working with cutting edge technology in the UK, USA as well as Pakistan.

Workshop Investment:
Rs. 25000/- only
Group Discounts available
The fee for course includes course material kit, stationery, lunch with refreshments and networking.

Last Registration Date:
One Week prior to the session

For Registration:
To Register and Confirm your Seat, Just share name, organization name, contact details & email @:
Farooq Afzal: 0332-3364966,,

Ishtiaq Rana : 0345-6831318, 0321-6118049

Learning Partner:
In O’ Vative Consultants
051-2511772, 051-4346977