Fakhir on Youth Convention- Youth Lead

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Youth Convention 2012, Punajb Youth Policy, Fakhir Liver performance

Youth Convention is organized by Governement of Punjab with the theme of 'Sher Jawan, Manzil Aasmaan' with name of Punjab Youth Policy with Youth Lead concept to promote. Fakhir Mehmood a reknowned pop singer in Pakitan don't need any introduction. Being a successful singer with reknowned albums like Atish, Mantra, he has won various awards in Pakistan as well as from India i.e: Sangeet Awards. Today Fakhir is going to perform live at Youth Convention organized by Government of Punjab. An initiative taken by Government of Punjab with name of Punjab Youth Policy. The concept behind this is Youth should lead.. So, Fakhir gonna rock the audience. So, dont miss this opportunity. You can find Fakhir Official site here

Venue    : Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore!
Date      : June 6, 2012
Time      : 6pm

Sample Videos:
Kaash by Fakhir:

Dil Ki Batein By Fakhir: